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Funeral Grants - Help with funeral costs, funeral benefit
Help with Funeral Costs
Who May be Entitled to Help?
You may receive help if there is not enough money to pay for the funeral and you are responsible for making the funeral arrangements, and you or your partner are receiving any of the following benefits:-
Funeral Grant Universal Credit Funeral Grant Housing Benefit;
Funeral Grant Family Credit; Funeral Grant Council Tax Benefit
You should also check what money (if any) is available from the following as these may reduce your entitlement.
Funeral Grant The estate of the person who has died, such as money from bank or building society accounts;
Funeral Grant Any insurance policies or charities, lump sum payments made by a pension scheme or relatives (either yours, or those of the person who has died).
Funeral Grant Any savings you have over £500.00 (£1,000.00) for those aged sixty or over) in a bank or building society, National Savings (including certificates and premium bonds) or in cash at home. The savings may be in your name or the name of your partner.
The social fund may make a contribution towards the cost of a simple funeral within the United Kingdom. You can find out more about this by CLICKING HERE. A simple funeral consists of:
Funeral Grant Bringing the body home if the person died away from home. Funeral Grant Fees for the funeral director, chaplain and organist for a simple funeral.
Funeral Grant An ordinary coffin; Funeral Grant Cemetery or cremation fees for a simple funeral.
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